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Spectator and Player Photography and Video Camera Policy


Stony Stratford Cricket Club (SSCC) wishes to ensure photography and video footage taken at the club’s matches and events is done so appropriately.


To help this happen, the club has taken the following steps:

  1. The formal adoption of this policy by the club’s management committee
  2. Issuing of a Junior Player Photo Consent Form (appendix 1)

Spectator & Player Photography and Video Camera Conditions and Register (appendix 2 & 3)

The guiding principles of this policy are:

1.  Photographs/images are not to be taken at matches, training or SSCC events without the prior permission of the parents/carers of the child. This is sought by the publishing of a photo consent form (appendix 1) as part of the junior welcome pack.  This form is to be signed by the parent/guardian of any player under 18.  This permission can then be given by proxy by the coach of each team once parental consent for this has been granted. It is the responsibility of the Youth Manager to inform each coach of those children for whom consent has not been received.

2.  If no consent has been given for a child on the photo consent form, then it is to be made known to the relevant person of the other team (eg coach/ team manager) so the appropriate person/s taking photographs for the other team is/are aware and can avoid taking photographs of that particular child

3.  The children should be informed a person will be taking photographs

4. The children should be informed that if they have concerns they can report these to the coach or team manager

5. Concerns regarding inappropriate, or intrusive, photography should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer and recorded in the same manner as any other child protection concern

6. At the start of each season players and regular spectators will be asked to sign the Spectator and Player Photography and Video Camera Conditions and Register (appendix 1 & 2). This document lays out the conditions that spectators and players are expected to adhere to when taking photographs and/or video footage at SSCC training, matches or events.  An A4 book will be kept in the club house (behind the bar) for all visitors and occasional spectators to sign.  Anyone refusing to sign the register will not be granted permission to take photographs or video footage. Appendix 1- version of the register to be signed by spectators and players.  Appendix 2 – version of the register to be signed by anyone taking photographs / video footage on behalf of SSCC.

7.  Where photographs are taken on behalf of SSCC, both parental and the child’s permission will be sought before any image is used to represent cricket and/or the club (eg Junior Newsletter).  Where possible, the image will be shown to the parents and child in advance.  If a photograph is used, the junior player will not be named (vice a versa, if a junior player is named in an article, a photograph will not be used).    

8.  The club encourages the reporting of inappropriate use of images of children.  Concerns should be reported to the Club or County Welfare Officer. 

Club Welfare Officers                                      

     (Mrs) Rachael Parkin                                         

Mob 07543 685965                                          

     County Welfare Officers


     (Mrs) Joan Clark

     Tel. 01494 783035

     Mob 07835 382703


     (Mr) Martin Reece

     Mob 07912 623617 


During the 2014 season it is SSCC may use video recording as a coaching aid.  Any material taken will be stored securely and used for coaching purposes only.  Video material will be deleted or destroyed when it is no longer needed or when a parent/carer requests this.  Any person videoing a coaching session / match on behalf of SSCC, will do so following the guidelines set out in this policy.  If you require any further information, please contact the Youth Manager / Welfare Officers.